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Last month I went to Puerto Rico De Gran Canaria (Spain) for a mini getaway with friends. So, I went from wearing multiple winter layers to skin bearing option like bikinis! To be perfectly honest I felt so exposed and uncomfortable but gradually I was able to embrace my imperfect body and enjoyed myself… I am not exactly your typical Victoria’s Secret bikini model. Therefore, all the odds were against me. I didn’t even get my abs ready for the summer and my skin wasn’t glowing either, basically I wasn’t beach ready.

My swimsuit (From ASOS)

White Shirt

Embellished satin slippers (TKMAXX)

As we all know fashion bloggers are pros at dressing for every season and any occasion. However, in real life we all struggle to get our ‘beach bod’ in time for bikini season. Even though, it seems like all year round we anticipate the arrival of summer but I did nothing to prepare myself for it.

As a result I had to focus on the body parts that I love to flaunt the most. I made sure my legs were exfoliated and I wore tones of coconut oil with my sun lotion to bring extra attention to my baby smooth legs. I also put on some makeup (mainly wore my fav orange lipstick) before hitting the beach or whilst sitting at the pool. Although I spent my entire holiday wearing nothing but bikinis/one piece swimsuit. However, I made sure I was super comfortable and look effortless. Thanks to Noxu Hair I had good and low maintance hair style whilst away from home which is always a major key for me. All these things I mentioned above helped me massively in flaunting my none existence ‘summer body’.

My only secret to my none existence beach body is mainly hydration. Drinking plenty of fluids can help shed bloat. Proper hydration can also be helpful in losing weight. Refrain from fizzy drinks, reduce carbs instead increase your protein portions (meat and veg). Eat your three main meals a day and avoid unnecessary snacks. Also hit the gym if you can to boost body image confidence. If you can’t hit the gym, have a habit of taking long walks. Finally, love yourself and feel beautiful because you are unique and perfect.

Ps excused the lady in my pic, in Spain everyone was sunbathing almost naked lol.

Beach Mat/ Shawl (Kaikai-Swim)

Swimsuit (Primark Spring/Summer17)

Bucket Bag (DKNY / Old)

Emerald and black ruffle two piece From MYCLOSETLDN

High Waisted Army Green Bikini Set (Ebay)

Asos Gem Embellished Pink Bikini Set (Sold out)

Dress Boohoo

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